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Across the ocean, through the air, and on the ground, ELA is your total solution for import/export planning and execution. Our vast array of services, competitive advantages, and core values pave the way for your success.

Core Services

Supply Chain Solutions

Through past experience ELA has learned to successfully increase order visibility, reduce surplus inventory, ensure efficient and consistent delivery cycle times, and decrease supply chain costs. ELA specializes in providing comprehensive door-to-door delivery of your goods. Our logistics solutions range from planning all the way through post delivery.

Transportation and Technology

ELA has formed strategic alliances with major shipping lines, airlines, and road operators to be able to guarantee a hassle free solution.

We combine a vast transportation network along with world class technology to provide businesses with the ability to get a quick quote, book a shipment, or track an existing shipment’s location.

Customs & Compliance

We verify that all documentation submitted is in accordance with customs regulations, laws, and procedures so that we provide a fast clearance of all your goods.

We offer customs clearance through USA: Laredo, TX, Long Beach, California, Los Angeles, California; Mexico: Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico City, Manzanillo.


Some of our consolidation and distribution services include: pick ups from multiple suppliers; consolidation of shipments into larger single shipments; deconsolidation of shipment for distribution at multiple locations and more.

Risk Management

Our Risk Management and Supply Chain Liability Experts can minimize risk for you throughout your supply chain. Let ELA minimize your exposure and maximize your efficiency.

    ELA is a U.S. Freight Forwarder with 35 Years of Experience that offers a broad range of realiable and efficient international trade & logistics solutions for importers and exporters. As a leading enterprise in International trade,


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